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Non Air Cooled Reflectors

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Econo Wing Reflector
Suggested Retail: $47.35
Sale Price: $42.18
Econo Wing Reflector - Pre-wired with lamp cord and socket. German made highly reflective textured aluminum offers excellent reflective and diffusion properties. Heavy duty galvanized steel mounting bracket. Corners are rounded - no sharp corners unlike c... Read More
Gavita HortiStar 600 SE Reflector
Sale Price: $124.86
Gavita HortiStar 600 SE Reflector - HortiStar 600 SE has a replaceable Miro aluminum reflector with 96% efficiency. This fixture is suitable for HPS and MH lamps 600 watt to 750 watts. The lamp cord terminal is shielded by a metal housing. Installation is... Read More
Gavita Triplestar 600 Reflector
Suggested Retail: $174.58
Sale Price: $157.12
Gavita Triplestar 600 Reflector - Rugged, compact design that is adjustable to 3 different positions: Wide, medium and deep. For every position the efficiency is better than 90%. The three Miro Aluminum reflector plates are replaceable. We recommend chang... Read More
Value Wing 8 Pack
Suggested Retail: $212.05
Sale Price: $175.67
Value Wing 8 Pack - Purchase 15' (903100) or 25' (903105) lamp cord separately. Terminal block for easy attachment of lamp cord. Socket pre-wired into reflector. Reflector dimensions: 18.5 in. x 13.5 in. x 5.75 in.... Read More