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Title: Grow Wurks Hydroponic Supplies
Description (No more than 30 words) : offers the lowest prices on grow lights, hydroponics and indoor gardening supplies.


The Grow Light Superstore - Lights Distributing offers the finest in grow lights, hydroponics and indoor gardening supplies. FREE SHIPPIING

Hydroponic System - HydroGrowers USA is proud to carry the well-known indoor gardening supplies YOU want, including Nextgen Ballasts, Sylvania lighting, Philips, Vortex, FibrGro, General Hydroponics and HESI nutrients and supplements. But, it’s their unique featured brands and products that make them the go to place for all indoor growers.

Hydroponic Garden - Hydrotek is quality indoor gardening solutions, with service that’s second to none! Hydrotek carries and distributes all the well known indoor gardening supplies your customers want, but it’s their exclusive brands and best-in-class products that make them shine.

Lumatek Ballast - Lumatek Electronic Ballasts are the best priced and most reliable electronic ballast on the market today. The Lumatek Dimmable Ballasts come in 1000 watt, 750 watt, 600 watt, 400 watt and 250 watt.

Hydroponics, Plant Grow Lights, Organic Gardening supplies - We at are happy to offer the very best sources for discount Hydroponics, Grow Lights, Organic Nutrients.

MegaWatt - MegaWatt is One of the largest and most experienced Canadian wholesale only supplier of horticulture, organics, hydroponics and lighting supplies.

Grow Room Hydroponics - Grow Room Hydroponics is on of the leaders in discount hydroponics. We carry a large selection of top quality reflectors, ballasts, bulbs and hydroponic Nutrients available anywhere!