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EcoPlus Lighted Magnifier Loupe - 40x
Suggested Retail: $18.65
Sale Price: $13.58
EcoPlus Lighted Magnifier Loupe - 40x - Powerful 40x lens. Unique, compact folding design with durable casing. Excellent illumination on specimen provided by two 6500k LED's. Can be used to identify plants, and potential garden pests. On/off switch for th... Read More
30X Magnifier Loupe
Suggested Retail: $18.65
Sale Price: $14.61
30X Magnifier Loupe - Extremely powerful 30X magnification from optical-quality double glass lenses shows ultra-fine detail. This teardrop shaped folding magnifier is compact in size and has an attractive appearance with chrome plated exterior.... Read More
EcoPlus 30x Illuminated Microscope
Suggested Retail: $23.07
Sale Price: $17.27
A precision illuminated microscope with 30x magnification power. Focus can be adjusted by turning the wheel. Rotatable bulb can pinpoint the light on the object. Use to classify the type of pest invading your plants. Comes with protective case. Requires 2... Read More
EcoPlus 60x - 100x Illuminated Zoom Microscope
Suggested Retail: $23.07
Sale Price: $17.27
A very powerful illuminated pocket microscope offers adjustable magnification from 60x - 100x. Identify even the smallest pests with this microscope. Includes batteries and protective case. Actual size of microscope is 1 1/4 wide by 3 1/4 tall.... Read More