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Time Controllers

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Titan Controls Hades 1 - 15 Minute Delay Timer
Suggested Retail: $98.49
Sale Price: $88.20
This product provides protection for your lights should your power go out. Its a low cost security system for your lamps that give you the peace of mind you're looking for with your lighting system. The Hades 1 is easy to use. Just plug the 120 Volt relay... Read More
Titan Controls - Zephyr 2 - High Temperature Shut-Off with Delay
Suggested Retail: $109.72
Sale Price: $96.48
Controller turns off your lights if temperature exceeds set point. Built in 0 30 minute hot start delay with HOLD feature. 6 foot temperature probe is accurate to within 2 degrees F. Protects your garden and keeps your plants safe. Plastic enclosure... Read More
Titan Controls - Nyx 1 - Day/Night Photocontroller
Suggested Retail: $143.39
Sale Price: $128.63
Activate your lamp cooling fan, light mover or night exhaust fan with this straightforward,easy to use controller. Goes from DAY to NIGHT mode with a flip of the switch. Built using durable powder coated steel enclosure with the highest quality compon... Read More